About Us

Nth Moto is a world-renowned exotic car performance, racing, and fabrication facility located in the Minneapolis, MN metro area.

The name Nth Moto was born from the phrase Nth Degree, referring to something being raised to a very high level, and the word Motorsports.  We are a motorsports focused company that builds incredible supercars to the Nth Degree - Nth Moto.

Nth Moto takes a very different road compared to our automotive performance industry peers when it comes to vehicle builds.  No two cars are ever built the same at Nth Moto, and we don't produce what others refer to as kits.  We approach every build like that of a fine custom watchmaker or bespoke suit tailor.

Our mission is to return customer faith and trust to the automotive aftermarket while creating the world's fastest and most amazing supercars.  Some current and past competitors have forgotten what your word and a handshake truly mean.  Those two aforementioned gestures are priceless, and we'll continue proving they can be strictly adhered to in our fast-paced and ever changing industry. 

We look forward to building your one of a kind supercar.